Call to Artists!

Are you an artist seeking to make a meaningful impact with your art?

Partner with The Eleven-Eleven Foundation to showcase your art in our non-profit shop. Your creations will reach a wider audience and directly fund therapy for survivors. With our model, artists keep 25% of sales while the rest supports survivors' well-being. Join us in making a difference through creativity and compassion.

Send us your email and social handles in the comment box. Please be mindful our review process may take a few weeks.

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Who we are

The foundation's mission is to provide alternative therapy funding for survivors by using art as a means of support. We believe in the power of art therapy to positively impact survivors' lives.

Here are some key points about the organization

Artist Partnerships

Forming a community as we grow! We are in the early stages now and encourage artists that are in the painting ( must have high quality photos ready for print), digital artist, or illustrator space to join us in raising awareness through art.

Alternative Therapies

The Eleven-Eleven Foundation offers free art therapy classes to survivors, providing them with a valuable resource for navigating trauma and reintegrating into their communities. This direct support aims to address the mental and emotional well-being of survivors.

Research Initiative

The Eleven Eleven Research initiative focuses on rigorous data collection and analysis of non-traditional therapy methods, including art therapy. By addressing root causes and not just symptoms, they aim to develop evidence-based interventions that effectively support survivors.