Healing through Art: Healing through Art is dedicated to empowering trauma survivors through effective expressive outlets. Our mission is to enable the survivors/artists to display and market their works to give them recognition, hope, and direction by implementing this innovative approach to healing and growing as a healthy human being.

Healing through Adventure: Healing through Adventure sees potential in individuals while others far too often see limitations. Our primary focus is for individuals who need emotional, mental, physical, and social healing. Healing through Adventure is designed for individuals to take risks and do things that are initially uncomfortable even frightening; and that eventually generate new, unexpected, and deeply satisfying results. Individuals learn to reach out to others and acquire the self-confidence and courage to move forward in their lives, one day at a time. PTSD and anxiety sufferers can gain the inner strength to capture the joy and hope of living full and satisfying lives while learning to deal with bouts of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. Adventures Coming, Join our mailing list to stay informed.

Healing through Technology: Within the Foundation we focus on Science. Using emerging technologies to monitor brain wave functions and vital statistics to gain data to illustrate how holistic therapies our perform Non Pharmaceutical Therapies.


Art Therapy helps PTSD survivors communicate and resolve traumatic memories, relieve stress, and reduce symptoms of trauma-released conditions.

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Solutions that worked yesterday may not have the same impact today. Therefore, continuous innovation is required that social impact organizations can achieve their missions.


Veterans are eligible for free classes. Participants have said art therapy enhances their strengths and abilities to re-enter their communities and improve their outlook on life. Register Today!


The Eleven Eleven Experiment is collecting data and making conclusions as to what the results are from non-traditional therapy. We want to treat underlying causes, not the symptoms.

Transforming Trauma through Art, Technology, and Community

Welcome to the inspiring story of The Eleven Eleven Foundation, where healing meets innovation. Founded by John Krawczyk, our organization emerged from a profound commitment to addressing mental health issues through a holistic and transformative lens.

Driven by a fervent desire to instigate lasting change in the mental health landscape, John envisioned a space where individuals could access healing beyond conventional methods. Acknowledging the limitations of pharmaceutical approaches in addressing the root causes of mental health challenges, the founder embarked on a mission to pioneer a more comprehensive and personalized healing journey.

Established in 2017, Eleven Eleven responded to the growing demand for alternative and effective methods to tackle trauma head-on. Having witnessed firsthand the gaps in traditional treatments, the founder sought to integrate art, technology, and adventure as formidable tools for healing.

Art as a Therapeutic Medium:

In our nascent stages, the foundation focused on unlocking the therapeutic potential of art. Through strategic partnerships with skilled artists and mental health professionals, we introduced pioneering art therapy programs. These initiatives offered individuals a creative outlet to express, explore, and process their emotions, catalyzing profound journeys of self-discovery and healing.

The Role of Technology:

As technology advanced, so did our commitment to harnessing its potential for mental health support. Embracing cutting-edge innovations, Eleven Eleven integrated virtual reality, interactive platforms, and digital art mediums into our programs. This strategic fusion aimed to enhance accessibility, engagement, and the overall impact of our therapeutic interventions.

Venturing into Community Therapy:

Recognizing the transformative power of nature and experiential learning, Eleven Eleven expanded its horizons to include adventure therapy. Immersive outdoor activities, team-building exercises, and exhilarating adventures became intrinsic components of our holistic approach, offering individuals opportunities to reconnect with themselves and others in profound and transformative ways.

Today and Beyond:

As we reflect on our journey, Eleven Eleven remains resolute in its mission to push boundaries, challenge norms, and provide innovative solutions for mental health challenges. Our expedition continues as we explore new frontiers, forge strategic alliances, and strive to leave an enduring impact on the lives of those in search of healing and resilience.

Join us on this transformative odyssey as we pioneer a future where art, technology, and adventure converge to heal, inspire, and empower.

Together, we embark on a journey of healing and hope.

The Eleven Eleven Foundation – Transforming Trauma through Art, Technology, and Community


"As the Director of Operations at the 11:11 Foundation, I am deeply passionate about the intersection of art and healing. With years of experience in both creative and therapeutic fields, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of artistic expression. Art provides a unique outlet for trauma survivors to convey emotions that words often cannot capture. This work is profoundly important to me because I have seen how art can bring light into the darkest moments, offering a path to recovery and renewed hope.

My journey has taught me that healing is not a one-size-fits-all process, and through 11:11, we aim to offer a variety of innovative therapies that cater to individual needs. Our goal is to create spaces where healing and creativity thrive, allowing individuals to rebuild their lives through the power of art. We are dedicated to fostering resilience, hope, and a brighter future for all those we serve.

Looking ahead, my vision for the foundation includes expanding our programs, building stronger partnerships, and reaching even more survivors. I believe that by uniting artists and trauma survivors, we can amplify the healing process and make a significant impact on countless lives.

To all the talented artists out there, we invite you to join our collective and be a part of this incredible mission. Your art can be a beacon of hope and a powerful tool for change. And to our supporters, your donations are crucial in helping us fund these life-changing programs. Together, we can continue to provide the resources needed for healing and growth. Join us in making a difference – through art, we can transform lives."

Melanie Bell
Director of Operations, 1111art.org