• Step 1: Create a Social Media Post!

    *1 post = 1 entry

    • Share a photo or video that represents how art, music, or nature has helped you on your healing journey.
    • Write a brief caption about your experience and how these mediums have contributed to your recovery.
    • Tag Eleven-Eleven Foundation and LinkUnite on FB & IG.
    • Use the hashtags in your post: #1111Foundation, #LinkUniteRaffle
  • Step 2: Submit Your Entry

    • Make sure your post is public so it can be seen and counted.

    • Encourage friends and family to engage with your post through likes, shares, and comments.
    • Double check that you have tagged us on your post. This will help place your post on our profile tagged tab.
    • Follow both Eleven-Eleven Foundation and LinkUnite on social media platforms.

    That's It!

    The more posts you make the more chances you have to win! The winner will be announced August 1st, 2024.

The Prize: A Limited Edition Art Therapy Gift Box worth $400!

Our deluxe gift box includes a variety of art supplies, relaxation tools, and resources designed to support your ongoing healing journey through creativity and mindfulness.